Could anyone set my on track?

I want to make my set to work with touchscreen and a wireless keyboard .
So I think of a motherboard with blue tooth for wireless keyboard AND usb for the touchscreen connection. Am I correct?

I want a set that boots (real) quick.
Is this done with hibernate or ...?
Do I get there with a compactflash card?
Or, is a big harddrive enough to do so?

I don't think I need a wireless network. I have a laptop to transfer files if I need to by (wired-)ethernet / CFcard / CD /DVD to the Carputer.
Any suggestions?

It would be nice if the set stays on while getting gas or a quick shop-stop.
I could imagion to have it straight on the battery, and getting a (e.g 15 minutes) timer to run after the ignicion was turned off.
Anyone done this before?

I want to use it most to (in same order):
a) navigate routes and get realtime positioning
b) listen to MP3's
c) watch a film/DVD occasionally
What are the best specs for my motherboard and hardware.

Thanks for your help.
Hope the spelling was OK, 'cause im Dutch