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Thread: HOW to COnneCT CARpuTEr To battery.

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    HOW to COnneCT CARpuTEr To battery.


    i was just wondering how to connect the carputer to the battery.

    i am using a morex 60watt dc-dc PSU

    and am planning to put in ITPS.

    anyone?? how do i connect this to the battery and turn on when i start the car, or do i really have to physically push the on button?

    another question, without the ITPS, will my computer "blow up" if i connected it straight to the car battery?


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    i have mine connected to my battery with a 15 amp if anyhting goes, its going to be my fuse.. works just fine.. i will show you pics sometime soon so you get an idea..

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    just wire it with an inline fuse from the battery just like an amp. you really should get that itps. and to answer your final question, in short "yes"
    Mine needs to be updated.

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    You're playing dice if you dont get the ITPS.
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