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Thread: How to connect rear speakers?

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    the connections your doing may be correct, it may be your sound source. I remember reading somewhere (prob on these forums) that its all to do with the sound source. If you try playing a dvd it may come out of all 4, but if you try playing just a mp3 then it just comes out of the front. Its to do with the type of encoding. I may be talking lots of bolloxs, but I did read it somewhere honest.. :-) maybe someone can explain it better. (fingers x'd)

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    If they're plugged in, and you're running windows xp, change the sound output by going to Control Panel->Sound and Audio Devices->Advanced Button on the bottom->Speakers select 5.1.

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    Yea I made sure the 5.1 was selected.

    Thanks for the tip, but still no sound

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    you won't get the rears to fire on something like an mp3 without turning on stereo expansion. On my game theater there is an option in it's setup appliction. I'd susspect there is something simmular on the epia but I've never tried to get 5.1 out of my epia.

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    I have the same problem, and I'm pretty sure the other channels are not active on mp3 playback. All I did was flick the switch on my amp to 2CH which activated all 4 speakers on 2 channel sound.
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