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Thread: tested my carputer first time tonight w/o display

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    tested my carputer first time tonight w/o display

    heh, took the case w/ a keyboard and put in the car. connected to an inverter and used aux input on the headunit for sound.

    Sound was awesome, not distinguishable from the mp3s played on the HU (I am using SB Live). Then I tested the reset-during-cranking issue. Well, I turned on the pc, winamp started playing, and I cranked the engine. Guess what? Nothing happened. It kept playing without any glitch.

    It was very exciting Man I need to get a vga lcd fast.

    Btw, There was no ground noise at all either.


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    I'm getting close to my first in car trial. What inverter are you using?? Output?

    Also, what are you using for a power supply?

    Congratulations on your first flight.
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    Frankly speaking, I forgot its brand, but I can look it up tomorrow morning. It's red all around -I guess one of the well known brands-, 400max continous output.

    power supply is an antec 300W or maybe 350W. Board is P4PE by Asus w/ a celeron 1.7Ghz.

    I am now ordering a pci 802.11b card + an antenna.w/ a magnetic base.

    Once I decide on LCD, that would be it. I am trying avoid spending a lot on fancy stuff.

    good luck w/ your flight as well

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    yeah, I had the same luck. I totally expected the pc to reboot, but it hasn't yet. Even when the inverter starting beeping to let me know that the battery was running down (had it on for about 45 minutes without running the engine), I was able to crank it without it rebooting. Knocking on wood.
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