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Thread: HU selection with CAR PC in the future...

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    HU selection with CAR PC in the future...

    Hi All,

    Been lurking for a bit and while I continue to plan and research details specific to Car PC, I need a confirmation that my HU and speaker selection make sense going forward.

    Currently have an 87 s10 stanard cab (very limited space).

    I need a new HU and speakers prior to doing my PC and didn't want to shoot myself in the foot early on.

    like the looks and feature of Pioneer DEH-P7600MP (has Optional Aux Input -- for my iPod and PC down the raod) .

    Also have heard good things about Kicker S8L7. Have seen people say a single 8 would be good enough for a standard cab truck.

    I don't know about amps...not sure how many chanels and such or wattage rating to go with.

    I would like to go PC and HU route in the event of PC outage.

    Does the pioneer above sound like a reasonable HU selection?

    Sorry for stupid questions (And yes....I have seen the "How to ask smart question FAQ"...sorry this one doesn't meet the general criterion.

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    Any head unit with a rear aux input will be suitable for later use to connect to a PC. Just make sure that you have the pre-amp outputs you need for the future. For a standard cab pickup truck, you'll want 2 sets of pre-amp outputs (1 for L/R 2-channel amp, 1 for sub).

    Everything else is really up to your personal preference. A few head units such as Kenwood and Sony have a built-in aux input, but that Pioneer would probably work well for you once you get the adapter.
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    I have the Pioneer DVH-P7000 (DVD/MP3) and it has the same audio features that the DEH-P7600MP.. I love mine.. It sounds great.. With the EQ, EQ-EX, High-Pass Crossover (HPF) Subwoofer Crossover (LPF) combo you can adjust the sound is so many ways.. I'm very happy with mine.. The only thing I didn't like (and I don't think you will have the same problem since mine is DVD and has video out) is the onscreen display when playing MP3's just sucks so bad.. You get more info from the HU display about the mp3 then I do from my 7" LCD displays..

    In any case it's a nice HU.. Plus do a search for YAMPP 3.. You can build a mp3 player (hard drive driven) that you can control with you CD Disk Change controls with you HU.. I don't know that much about them but they seem pretty cool..

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