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Thread: realy good!!!

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    realy good!!!

    Hello from Germany,
    you made a very good Programm! Finaly i realized my CAR-Computer project with it. It works fine without greater prblems. But there is one piont, that i donīt understand: I can select and mark one Progamm with the Mouse-weel but if i "click" there is no action, if the mouse-pointer is not on the select to. I hope you understand my problem, my English is "not so good"-you can answer in german
    For BMW-Drivers: there is a german Developing for BMW. It uses the I-Drive for handling. sorry only in german.

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    Welcome to mp3car

    Before we can help you, we need to know the name of the program you're using in your car. Are you using Mediaengine? Mediacar? Frodoplayer?

    You may also want to ask in the software section, in the forum related to what software you're using (but don't post the same question in several places).

    Hopefully, once we get a bit more information, we can help you with your problem.
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    Sorry i donīt new that there are others here than

    MEDIA ENGINE-newest Version 2.1 ! THX for answers

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