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Thread: Need help with components

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    Need help with components

    I'm thinking of doing this setup but frankly i have no idea so im asking you guys here.
    Here's what i got so far:
    Lilliput 7" touchscreen the one u can buy on this site
    150watt Psu
    7200rpm 120gig hard drive.
    300watt power invertor
    An Amp
    MiniATX board w/ Athlon Mobile 2000 processor

    i really wanna know if these specs are good enough if there is anything i should put in here, i haven't even decided on a case yet plus should i put an all-in-wonder in this thing, what kind of amps are good for this stuff, and how much are vga extension cables? hope someone can help me thanks.

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    Don't forget DVD. It doesn't take a killer machine to run a nice setup, but what you have would work nicely. Not sure on the amp, but the VGA extension cables are probably about $20.. depends on the quality... they'll be carried at your local CompUSA or BestBuy (or online).
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    I would recommend a Audigy2 audio setup. Much cleaner sound, in my case anyways. You definetely need a dvd player - and think about a method to update your system. Wireless - removable harddrive, something quick and easy.

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