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Thread: King of Newbies..

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    Quote Originally Posted by i_is_surf
    Yes, but sometimes even the best sheep in the heard needs to be pointed in the right direction.
    the point im trying to make is that there really is no "best solution" to anything in this hobby. there are literally dozens of ways to accomplish the end goal of playing mp3s in the car.

    the most compact mobo will not give you expandability, but the big ones are power hungry and excessive for a car. you dont need a 2.4ghz p4 to run a carputer, but you might want it. you dont need vga, but it makes things easier to read.

    all these things are tradeoffs that need to be realized. and i know that i, and many others, are willing to help... as long as the person asking the questions is not taking the short route and asking for the whole thing to be planned out for them.

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    I completely understand about all the flaming and such and pretty much was prepared to get flamed. Yeah, I'm a college student, and yes I have some sort of an idea on how a computer works and what not. But what I was trying to say is, when it came down to deciding what is best, and what I needed and such, my mind just pretty much left me. But you have to start some where, so.. I asked the pretty stupid questions.. I'm pretty sure you guys did something similar in the past..

    Anyway, after a few days of searching and designing.. and looking at others wiring diagrams and what not, Ive pretty much got an idea of what I want and how I want it and where I want it. Thanks to the flames, otherwise I would have just sat there and waited for an answer.

    Now, one question.. which I couldnt find an exact answer too..

    My Headunit, do I need it if Im going to have a built in DVD/CD player in the Carputer?

    It probably was stated some where in the forum, but I absolutely can't remember if I read it or not.. mind is just packed with stuff..

    anyway, sorry for the troubles, Im just someone whos trying to learn I guess, and took the wrong turn in asking how..
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    You need the head unit unless you have amplifiers. If you have amps already, then you can run the output from the computer into them. Otherwise the signal from your computer cannot run the speakers alone.

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    Alrighty Thanks
    Ill keep it for now..
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    And is is a great AM solution, as it seems a lot of us need our AM radios (although I need mine for Nascar most seem to favor Hockey games)
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