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Thread: New to CarPC I have lots of questions

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    New to CarPC I have lots of questions

    I have a very ambitious project in mind, but know little about CarPC's.

    I have an old P3 500 sitting at home collecting dust and a gefore3 ti500, and 512 ram (good stuff back in the day). I thought I could maybe put it to use in my car, I though I was the only one with this idea (I Guess not). I have a spare 200W AC power supply I dont know if I can hook this up with an inverter and the power situation is taken care of?? And can I use a faster CPU or am I limited due to power consumption. I plan on molding a Lilliput into my dash, it sounds like the best deal for the money. I have some previous experience with custom molding and using is the kicker, I want to remove my AC controlls and have my AC run on the touch screen, from what I have found there is a PCI card that will allow me to do this with some VB programming on my own part (my car AC controlls are fully ellectronic) Has anyone ever tried this?? Anyways those are my 2 big questions, I have so many more but this is a start. Thanks in advance for any information!

    Can I run a standard size DVD ROM? I have a 5.25 slot already in my car (for the seperate cd player) I have a 97 tahoe, it would fit perfect but I donno if my car has the juice

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    A quick yeilded this:
    A/C Control Electrical,Vacuum, and Mechanical

    look around, ask questions, but first! There are many more threads on this topic already. Search "hcac"
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