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Thread: I want a CARPUTER!!!.....

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    I want a CARPUTER!!!.....

    i am lost on all process..i have searched...i am planning on using a laptop (easier or harder)... i would like to know what the basic steps for install is and approx how much everything will cost....any full detailed instructions to your carputer would be greatly appreciated inc. wireing diagrams and such....btw. i have a 98' 2.8 quattro a4....seems very hard for an a4 to do but i am willing to put the time in!!!! thanks

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    please let us know what you want to do with this thing...

    for a laptop, all you need to do is hook it to the stereo and turn it on... doenst get much easier than that.

    lots of people are asking for complete instructions.. but your not going to get a step-by-step procedure on how to do it.

    for a real car computer... do you know how to build a computer? do you know how to hook up a car stereo? put the two together.

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    If you plan to do a laptop install I won't even help you. But for an Audi, check the projects others have done. I believe a guy on Audi-World "Hyperspeed" did the perfect dash install.

    Otheriwse, cost would just involve adding up all the parts and a few $100 or so for adapters, wires, ..etc. Time well that remains to be seen. It took me 5 hours alone to wire in properly. That doesn't even include the time to custom mount everything.

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