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Thread: how does liliput resize images

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    how does liliput resize images

    From what I unerstand you can put up to a 1024*768 resolution into the liliput and it will resize it, does windows support its native resolution? beacause if it doesnt a dvd that is already in 16X9 will look like a stretched out version being played on a 4x3 (it will still have black lines) if windows suppors in native 16x9 resolution it will fit perfectly, right? anyways thanks for the info if anyone knows

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    For real information on this, search the forums, I have seen it discussed lots of times.

    As you say it will squash the DVD even more if you use a 4:3 resolution such as 800x600, however you may be able to add lines to your graphics driver .inf to support the native resolution of (IIRC) 848x480, then the lilliput will not squash the picture.
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