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Thread: Questions on a new system

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    Question need info on a FM solution for new system


    I am about to embark on setting up a carputer in my 1989 toyota corolla gt-s (but temporarily put it in my 1985 MR2 to drive to chatanooga). I have some hardware already together but I need some info on a few things.

    Here is the current hardware I have:
    EPIA-800 (800MHZ cpu, onboard sound, video, and composite/s-vid out, NIC, etc)
    256MB ram
    Maxtor 120GB HD
    MPEGBOX MPBS1 DC-DC power supply (80w but will upgrade to the 120w version soon)
    4" lcd screen (just for starters... want to try to incorperate this into my steering wheel)
    LITEON LTD163 16x DVD drive (temporary also)

    Here is what I am looking at getting for my FM reception:

    What I am wanting to run for the system is Media Engine. Eventually I may try Amanda software just for the convenience of voice commands but I am not sure it has FM capabilities. Does anyone know if this card is useable under ME? If it is not useable, then where can I get one (preferably not USB and I really don't care about TV) fairly cheap hat will work with Media Engine?

    I am also wanting to go headunitless with this setup and hopefully control it with my Creative Labs CIMR100 remote. Is this possible?

    My stereo will consist of (once it is in the corolla):

    2 JL audio 10w3-d4's running off a
    phoenix gold 2500
    a Phoenix Gold 2200 running my 4 factory replacements (replaced 4" rears for 6x9)

    should the headunitless setup do ok on this stereo? I hope so. Please some of you older/wiser/more experienced ones help this misguided one.



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    One of the standard ones seem to be the USB D-LINK (can't remember the model number) and this is quite well supported in the various apps; it is about 6 from

    Have a search on the forums, you will find out the exact model number
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    AMANDA Software (dont waste your Money)

    Suggestion: Never Buy Amanda Software
    Taylor Machintosh (devlopper of Amanda) just want our money and that all

    Read my other tread for more info.

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    side note: Wooooohooooooooo go 85 MR2!!!! My cousin and I own two as project cars. One is down to a few body panels, frame, and gas tank (no engine, etc.) and almost ready to be scrapped. Its parts will go on out other one to make one good car out of two crappy cars. So far the projects are well over 1 year in the making (we are both busy/lazy and before a month ago we had to work on them in the Vegas heat b/c of lack of garage).

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