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Thread: Not a cry for help.. but...

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    Not a cry for help.. but...

    Ok, I've planned it out, some on paper, but mainly in my head. Im sure I have everything I need besides some wires and the gps..
    EPIA M10000 1GHZ MINI TX
    Samsung 24x24x24x8 CD-RW/DVD Slim
    USB2.0 Enclosure for Slim
    7" Lilliput Touchscreen LCD VGA
    OPUS 90w DC-DC Power Supply
    WD Western Digital 40GB
    Kreton 512MB PC2100

    am I missing anything important? lol

    Do I need a ITPS?
    Even with the Tank Circuit I may do in this thread? Battery based tank circuit (tested)
    05 Acura RSX Type S
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    Your getting an opus 90w so no you don't need a tank circuit or a ITPS. Better order that OPUS 90W right now. I could probably sell mine for 300%

    Don't forget about the GPS receiver and program. Some will say its not necessary but I say it is. Why else are you making the carputer?

    And is that a laptop hard drive? Just some personal experience I had 40 gigs before and it was not enough, now even at 60 gigs it runs out quickly.

    Don't forget the various wires, adapters and usb hub/firewire.
    Mine needs to be updated.

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    Nope its not a laptop one, and i just realized it wasn't lol. Gimme a sec so I can change that one.

    Thanks for the fast reply

    Also yeah, I need to get the program and gps receiver as well, just wanted to make sure I had the computer portain done with first..

    40g is enough for me I think maybe Ill up it up some..
    05 Acura RSX Type S
    - Back to the Planning Stage -
    ETA: ???

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