Well first let me say hello and how happy I am to have found this site chock full of information!

So anyway I just purchased a Sharp LQ-9D161 Active Matrix TFT Screen from eBay, thinking "This is exactly what I am looking for!" Right size, touchscreen everything I need. Unfortunately I didn't notice that the spec sheet says only 640x480 resolution and only at 12bit! That seems like it is going to be horrible quality, and I'm not sure if I should continue with it or save up some $$$ and purchase the Lilliput. Does anyone have any suggestions or insights on this issue?

Also where could I find this touchscreen controller and lcd controller that are mentioned. Am I right in assuming the touchscreen controller is driven via the serial port?

I guess what I could really use are some screenshots of this particular screen in action. I know it won't play movies or games very well, but...ehhh.

Also, has anyone had any heating problems with heat when the carputer is mounted in the console? Or do most have it in the trunk? It might be ok in the summer when the AC is blowing on it, but I have my doubts about winter driving with hot air blowing over the CPU.

Any advice on sound cards? I am planning on installing a quality system in a month or so and I'd like it to interface with the least amount of distortion as possible. So I don't blow my subs.

Thats about it for now. Next time I'll do some more research prior to hitting ebay. I might try and cut my losses depending on what answers I get here by relisting it. I am thinking that initially I'll want mp3, movie playback, gps, wifi access, an accessible DVD drive and some usb ports in the front of the console for the carputer, and then later on make some interfaces so I can monitor temperatures and pressure in the engine, as well as control the AC! Just for future reference. Thanks!