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Thread: Memory Question

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    Memory Question

    Am thinking about doing this setup in my passat.

    1. Just wondering how cheap this can be done ?
    2. And how much memory do most of your pc's hold?

    Im only looking to do this for music and maybe a few movies...prob the navi too. But thats all i really want.

    The thing is I have like 36gigs in music on my computer that would wanna put on this ...i was thinking of going with an ipod for $500 cause it holds 40gb - untill i came across this car pc.


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    well .. nowadays 160 gig drives (SATA 7200rmp) are like around the $100
    the pc you can use whatever you want ... just should be powerfull enough to to what you want it to do .. like playning movies .... etc ...

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    1. if you have old computers, then it can be around $500 for all the cables, lcd, and all that. otherwise, expect $1,500 or more...
    2. the recommended amount of memory depends on what you want to do with your carPC and your OS. if you are running Windows want around 512MB of RAM...Windows 98/ME and Linux you can get away with 256MB of RAM with no problem.
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