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Thread: Need help starting a linux based carputer

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    Need help starting a linux based carputer

    okay, i need some basic help getting started with the OS for a carputer.. im trying to do this in linux so that i'll be easier to program and so forth. Basically right now im looking to play just MP3s untill i get everything together and understand the system. I want to be able to control my lights for neons and play dvds and all that good stuff.

    But right now i just need some help getting an OS started.. i have a computer thats already set up to accept any OS system i put on it, i like the looks of the ALCAS program and thats what i want for my basic mp3 playing.. and i dont want to just go out and get an MP3 player, if i did that, whats the challenge? i got the time, and i have some program skills, just not in linux. which linux distro should i install to get me to the point where i can use the ALCAS?

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    go to ... it's a Linux program for cars... pretty cool

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    I couldn't figure out ALCAS. I downloaded Slackware and installed just the "A" set which is the basic OS and then mpg123 for the player onto a 128M CF card in an IDE adapter. There are a couple nice projects like lirc and irmp3 that document a lot of the work to make a home mp3 player, its basically the same for a car one.

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