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Thread: can my sub mess with my comp

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    can my sub mess with my comp

    will the magnet mess up my comp and will the vibration mess up my hard drive or anything

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    If you place the magnet close to the hard drive or a floppy disc, yes it will erase it, and possibly damage it. I would place it as far away from the sub as possible to keep it from getting jarred from vibration.

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    The power of a magnetic field depriciates as a function of 1 / r^2. Even if you were to rub your hard drive against the magnent on the sub, it is very unlikely it would damage anything (floppy disks are a different story because they are far thinner). Unless you plan on mounting your hard drive to the sub's magnent, your safe.

    I know people on this forum before have mounted their computers inside sub boxes, and as far as I know, they havn't had any problems. You should be fine.

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    make sure everything is mounted nicely. I've had a lot of problems with my subs rattling the video card out of place
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    Hard drive magnet is not a problem, looks for Leslie's setup, he's got it right close, not a problem.
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    its something i worried about when planning my install, but dont worry about it.

    Ive got a JL audio 12w6 in the boot about 1 foot away from the carputer, it doesn't do jack to it even up full.



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    Quote Originally Posted by dank_Army
    Ive got a JL audio 12w6 in the boot about 1 foot away from the carputer

    I was thinking about the JL audio 12w6 for my setup. What type of amp are you using to push it, and how is the quailty. I only need one 12 inch, because the other speakers should compensate.

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    Has anyone seen a need to protect the hard drive from outside vibrations, such as speed bumps not too fast but not to slow? Or when climbing or leaving a curb?

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    Good information to know. Thanks. Anyone got a reply to kdunn's comment about vibration. The only thing that I can think of is mounting it vertical to prevent platter crashing.

    EDIT: Since a sub won't damage the drive I guess it's safe to assume that a 80 or 120mm fan won't hurt it either...?


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    Couple 80mm or 120mm fan's definitely won't hurt. Damage due to vibrations are probably the worst offender for killing HDD's in CarPC's. (Short of getting into a high-speed accident while changing MP3 playlists).

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