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Thread: trunk mounting options/hardware?

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    trunk mounting options/hardware?

    anyone know where i can find some mounting equipment?

    i am installing a laptop in my front trunk (1997 boxster) and need to mount it to the side wall of the trunk. i tried searching the web, but couldn't find anything applicable to my install.

    thanks in advance!

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    sounds like a fairly specific application, sorry to say but I don't think there is really any mounting hardware made specifically for mounting computers in cars (other than laptop stands for inside the passenger compartment, like cop cars have). Anyway, if it were me I would just take some brackets and some bolts and screws and have at it. I don't have a Porsche though... just do some good measuring and drill your holes carefully, use some brackets from Home Depot or something and mount it up nice and sturdy.

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    if you can get away with it, I'd suggest mounting the laptop horizontally rather than vertically HDs aren't designed to be mounted that way and bumps in the road can cause read/write errors

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