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Thread: Wiring in a CarPC

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    Wiring in a CarPC


    been reading yer forums for ages, finally got a car worth putting a carpc into :P sorry if this has been asked before i musta missed it...

    With alot of people putting their machine in the boot and wiring up the screen and other devices to the front of the car, how is this being done ? Also the guy who put the dvd drive in the headliner of his car...

    I know that ide cables can only be so long before the signal goes to hell.. only work around for that would be to a usb adapter or something like that ?

    Is there a max length for the usb and screen cables ???

    many thanks

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    yeah there is a max lentgh but you can just buy an active extension cable and that will be fine. I'm running my wires to the trunk with the orignial oem wires. They run on the sides all the way to the trunk.

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    Make sure you buy a usb extension cable with a repeater at the end. That way you won't have a long cable with a weak signal. I ordered one off of ebay a few months ago for < $20 USD shipped. Oh yeah... can you post a link of the DVD drive in the headliner I would like to see that. Hope this helps you out.

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