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Thread: Building Custom PC Help

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    Building Custom PC Help

    I have planned on buildinf a custom pc it seems much cheapers and things but i need some help......
    What does a Motherboard consist of?
    What do i have to add to the Motherboard to let it run?
    What is the top of the line brand name in motherboards?
    What the top of the line in everything? to build a computer?

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    dude you have so much reading to do...

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    Depending on what kind of motherboard you get, there will be different things to make it work. There are mother boards such as the VIA Mini ITX that are mentioned here often that only require RAM, a H.D. (Hard Drive), & a PSU (Power Supply Unit). These motherboards already have the CPU (Computer Processing Unit), Video Card, and sound card. Other regular sized mother boards already have the sound card built in, but you need to buy the video card your self (sometime built in to the mother board at the cost of using your RAM) plus the heat sink and fan for the CPU.
    As for the best, well, I like A BIT motherboards, but you can go to
    and read up on their reviews for motherboards. There will always be a better one than the other, it's just a matter of how much money you're willing to put down. Celerons are a cheap alternative to the Pentiums and the newer versions run pretty smooth, and the same goes for the AMD CPUs, you sure can get pretty good results for less money with them.
    Besides, if you're really planning on building a custom computer, and since you are asking, I can only imagine that you're having someone else do it. That person can more than likely answer all your questions. If you think he may want to rip you off, look up the cost of the items offered on the net.

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    thankx for all that inquires

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