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Thread: AMaNDA software

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    AMaNDA software

    anyone know where I can purchase AMaNDA software?
    also, does anyone know if that software will control Street Atlas 2004 ?
    On there page they have an email address but after repeated trys there is no response...
    want to buy, but if unavailable, does anyone have a copy or know where to get it?
    thanks in advance

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    SUGGESTION: Never Buy this Software !!!

    I'm Really disapointed about how this cie Taylor Machintosh, interact with me.
    In first i was happy to buy this software to give some money to the devlopper. But now i'm understanding why they are some people who HACK software.

    This stupid program is containing a lot of problem that they wont mention at all when you buying it, and they wont want to help people either. they just want our money.

    If there is somebody who know a good HACKER and want to crack this **** !, i'll be very happy to send him the software. I have buy it legaly and now i can't use it because they tell me, i try to install it over another computer and THAT WAS NOT THE CASE, I'm honest.

    But anyway, i'm frustrated and that's all. Just wasting money and i hate this.

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    Shame, the video on their site looked awesome . Have you got the voice command setup working?>

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    NEVER, that's mostly why i ask help, and nothing comes. So they are stupid.
    Just advising you guy....WARNING

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