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Thread: Opus vs ITPS

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    Opus vs ITPS

    what are the advantages of Opus or ITPS over the other?

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    - survives engine cranking (at low voltages the pc will stay on)
    - shutdown delay can be changed
    - can handle more power
    - more spohisticated
    - the more expensive

    pw60/70/80 + ITPS

    - startup after engine cranking (at too low voltages the pc will shutdown)
    - fixed timesettings, shutdown a few seconds after ignition off
    - not suitable for high power
    - simple
    - quite cheap

    If you want more details check out the online store of this site, you'll find a manual for the opus and a link to a website for the ITPS.
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    Also there's tons on both of these if you search - Opus and ITPS are one of the most discussed topics
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