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Thread: Just got my screen - Not sure i wanna do this

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    Just got my screen - Not sure i wanna do this

    Yesterday it arrived.

    About 2 hours before that I was helping a lady of out her car becuase she got hit by a red light runner.

    I temp attached the screen and drove around, not really sure this is for me, im pretty sure im gonna wreck if i have a pc in the car..

    Thinking im probably gonna sell my screen and stuff for this project.
    Chris Armstrong

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    Well, it is definitely not for everyone. Just don't be stupid when you use it-like trying to type an email going 75+ MPH down the highway.
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    mount it properly (in dash) and use responsibly and its no more dangerous than a fancy headunit, you can make it more user friendly with external tactile controls aka powermate or steering wheel controls,

    you probably felt a little intimidated because you dont know your way around the touchscreen software and therefore had to look for the buttons etc, once you have used it for a while its a breeze and well worth the effort
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    of course, if you where watching a movie and driving.......

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    a carputer is as dangerous as you want it to be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by binary.h4x
    a carputer is as dangerous as you want it to be.

    I completely agree with all of you but my new car isnt much of a "Show car"

    It all comes down to how easy and simple the interface is and not watching videos i quess.

    Pretty sure im not going to sell my parts on ebay:

    1. lilliput 7" touch - 1 day old

    2. Laptop with wireless, etc but bad screen -

    3. Replacement chevy blazer dash -

    Thats what I have bought so far any intrest or know what its going for ?
    Chris Armstrong

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    Are you a bad driver? Not trying to say you are but I can honestly drive as fast as I want to, operate my carputer and eat a burger all at the same time. If you get one of the interfaces in the software section, it becomes that much easier to play music, movies..etc. Maybe you just need some practice.
    Mine needs to be updated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by samc
    I can honestly drive as fast as I want to, operate my carputer and eat a burger all at the same time.

    What is written on Samc's tombstone?

    Ill take famous last words for $800 Alex.

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    I guarantee that there are people dead because of this hobby.

    My system has no video screen of any sort, for exactly that reason. WAY too distracting for in car use. Try a text LCD and a steering wheel mounted remote control. My system is no more distracting than any car stereo (less so than most of the new ones.),00.html

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    Don't forget tons of new cars come with screens and systems just like the ones we build... They aren't that dangerous unless you're stupid.

    Simply put, don't play with it while your driving! If it's navigation, make sure it tells you the way so you don't need to look at the screen!!!

    There are also other factors, such as positioning - mount it in the wrong position and it can be very distracting - and, you also need to get used to it being there.
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