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Thread: Summertime performance of carputers!

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    Summertime performance of carputers!

    Howdi I'm new to MP3Car...
    I'm from Australia... just wanting to know how these carputers perform on a hot day??
    In the summer here we usually get up around 40+ degrees and average around high 30's during summer....

    Do these carputers **** themselves in this sort of heat?.. especially in a car??
    Or is extra insulation required to the case??

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    insulation? not good.

    Do a search on 'ideas to combat heat'. theres huge amounts of information here. Generally, if you practice good airflow techniques with enough fans you can usually get away with running a CarPC in very hot weather.
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    I just ran a 1" piece of vinyl tubing from my air conditioning duct in the dash to my center console glove box (Toyota Sequoia). My CarPC used to reach +70degC (Motherboard Monitor of CPU core temp) in about 10min. Now it hasn't gone above +50degC. Works great!! Just make sure you don't spray cold air directly on the CarPC. You'll end up with condensation problems.

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