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Thread: Fitting a simple in car pc into my yaris

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    If you're looking for a truely small form factor system, take a look at the Travla C134 case, a laptop HDD, and the Carnetix CNX-P1260 for powering it.

    The C134 is a very small footprint system (size of a car stereo), and has a 55W DC-DC power supply inside it, but that suffers from requiring a very regulated voltage (12V +/- 5%), which your car cannot supply. This is where the CNX-P1260 comes into play, this goes between the car battery and the internal power supply in the case, and regulates the power, as well as providing you with a startup/shutdown controller, so that the computer comes on and goes off with your ignition

    Mike @ Carnetix will easily ship a P1260 to you, and for all the other stuff, I recommend as you're in the UK to visit Lin-ITX, both myself and my boss have had good experiences with that company

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    You could also wait for the new nano-itx system, with even smaller footprint than the mini-itx. The mainboard is only 12 by 12 cm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dannyb999
    thank you to those that posted with useful information. as for the others, why bother posting such childish posts. i am simply trying to find out specific information with my car, and how a pc would work within it. everyone has to start somewhere.

    anyway, my main concern is power for the pc. ive seen dc to ac converters but am worried this may not be the best solution. as the yaris is a small car and only has a small battery and possibly small alternator. now ive seen that you can buy boards with a dc connector power supply. how are these wired into the car? is is simply a matter of plugging them into a cigarette lighter connection or wiring them into a 12v supply? as i said, i do apologise if this is to simplistic for some people, but id appriciate any seful information rather then the "cant understand how your so clueless" posts. grow up please.


    Danny Welcome to the forum,

    Your absolutly right, Everybody does have to start somewhere, Ive been designing car pcs for around 7 years so i know a little, anyway heres basically what you will need, and yes your definatly on the right track for what knowledge you have already expressed in your two prev posts.

    Do what Everyone does here and go for the simplist option.
    That would be to buy yourself a ITX form factor case complete with Motherboard, ram, cpu etc. the link i would use for us uk'ers is i bought all my stuff from them. I belive that the latest and greatest ITX board is known as an epia 12000 or something along those lines this is basically a 1.2Ghz Mobo, (mines 800mhz so i need to update myself) which will be plenty for the items your wanting it to perform, DVD, MP3, Jpeg Viweing etc. Even GPS afterall it is free to recieve.
    Next pick up some ram to go with it , if your gonna be running Win XP id go for 256 MB min. alough 128MB will also work ok.
    Next a Harddrive your preference really here, 10gb,, 20gb 300gb, as for size laptop style (2.5") are known as a little more robust especailly in a car enviroments bumps etc, alough a normal 3.5" IDE drive will serve you fine if mounted correctly, upright! alough some people say flat down read some posts on mounting drives on this forum, now you need a case to put it all in, Either build your own, or find a nice box to screw it into or but a case from same place again my case and most of the users on here i believe use the morex case, small black and neat, should fit under seat if not definatly in boot somewhere. as for power, DC-AC converters also known as Inverters ! BAD stay away from them, good for ps2's etc but not for car pcs (Carputers)
    Random rebooting, Noisey, Hmms on audio line, Interference etc, A pc runs on 12v after the initial 240v AC to 12v DC conversion (Step down Transformer), So why not just give it 12v input and lose the huge power supply, this is where the itx boards are great for this purpose they accept 12v inputs directly, all the internal voltages of -12v, +5v, -5V +3.3V which a pc also need are generated on an internal psu form a single 12v input, heres the problem however the power quality of this internal psu's are limited to low wattage applications, say around 55 Watts, about 4.5A @ 12volts this is ok for one mobo with one harddrive but not to good when you start adding other devices, GPS mouses, or keyboards or cdroms etc, this is why you should use another psu, id recommend this one its new on the scene but ive seen one and they look good quality as for power im told its around 60 watts again not far off the one that comes supplied with the Morex Cases, alough this will withstand cranking, which if you dont know is where the pc reboots when you crank (Start) the engine, can be a bit annoying as this takes time to boot again, causes errors and damages compnonets. this psu will plug straight into the internal psu board inside the morex case sweet as...
    if you wanting a little more power opus solutions do a 90 and a 150 watt version which has to be the favourite choice on here for big power solutions when regarding itx boards. there small can fit in the morex case if you do a little bodging and work great they withstrand all engine cranking and everybody swears by them, if your not down for any of these pre built power soultions you can always:

    A: Build your own
    B: Use a tank circuit (Crap but can work)
    C: Use a backup battery to supply the pc with juice while the enigne is cranking, (doesn't need to be car battery size just a smallish 12v 1.2Ah or bigger amperes / hours would do you fine.) you will need to add a relay or isolator to this setup though.
    D: Dont Crank the engine (Bump start it) lol.

    Thats power sorted now Input

    Favourite input methods are Touchscreen for most people here, there are others such as Infrared remotes, RF remotes, Keyboards (Mini ones), Mice, Pushbuttons wired into comm ports etc.

    As for the Output again as i said about the touchscreen you eill need to get yourself a 7 or an 8" LCD,
    these are great and were built purely for this great great hobbie.
    2 types currently avliable Lilliput and Xenarc, i have lilliput which i thought the sun shone from its arse until i say my mates xenarc, both are good xenarc is better but then the prece reflects that. they both come with touchscreen built in , this connects to the pc via USB, and the input to the LCD is VGA best quality for car pc uses, gps will be unreadbale on a composite screen, waset of time and money just go for a lcd with a vga input.

    You can purchase larger screens than 7 or 8", 10.4" or 12.1" or even 15" these all run on 12v inputs but obvioulsy some are too big for most normal setups.

    Sound output, you say you yaris has a stereo with Aux inputs Pefect!, get a 3.5mm stereo jack plug to L & R RCA (Phono) Plugs at the required length, and connect them to the back of itx which most epia boards have on board sound ohh and Video may i add and usb and so on.

    Software, theres some great software avliable for car pcs these days it used to be all LCD 2x16 line character displays back in my day lol, now its all GUI For tft lcds full coulor the works!!, such software would be Mediaengine, Mediacar, Frodoplayer or my and my buddies software still in development see my sig A.I.M.E.E, theses will all take car of all you music / video / gps needs.

    For now i think you can get on with the info i have given anymore questions just ask.

    P.s Search theses forums there very very very useful

    P.p.s Sorry for such a long post i didnt have time to make it any shorter!
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    awesome reply - thank you very much
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    Quote Originally Posted by El_Cid View Post
    awesome reply - thank you very much
    I'm sure he appreciates the kudos now... nearly three years later....
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    hehe - well I didn't realize it, but I was searching for Yaris related topics, and this came up - and it helped me alot.
    Sorry about that
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