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Thread: what hd to get??

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    what hd to get??

    i plan to build a carputer in the near future but for now i just need another hard drive because my 40gb is overflowing and i need more space to store my music/movies,

    so i'm buying a hard drive at least 60gb+ for a carputer but what should i be looking for in the hard drive if i'm going to be using it in a carputer in the future?

    i will probably be buying it from either

    i'm going with a canadian supplier because i dont want to be raped with taxes when it crosses the border

    this will be a full service carputer, storing all my music and movies, gps nav, rearview camera, wireless network, usb dvd drive, touchscreen, powered by mini-itx and i'm thinking opus

    also i was wondering if an opus 150 would be able to power all of that stuff? and i was thinking of a c137 case cause its so slim it could be put be put in a custom enclosure with amps and i don't care about a 2.5" hd cause i know i'd lose a pci slot with that case but thats fine. i might just go with another case, not sure about that yet but ill worry about it when the time comes i just mainly need to know what hard drive i should go with i'm thinking an 80gb but i might just make the jump to 120gb cause the price difference isn't that big

    one more question, does anybody have any problems with hardware wiggling lose or skipping when their pounding the crap out of their car with a powerful audio system??

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    Consider using a cheap, small used 2.5" drive for your operating system, then using a USB 2.0 enclosure with a cheap big 3.5" drive. You can put some foam under the enclosure if you do a lot of off-roading or stuff that might damage a desktop hard drive.

    Doesn't take up space in drive
    Lets you use cheap hard drives

    You might need to figure out a way to power the enclosure.

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    To add a little to what chairboy said, there are some BIG advantages with a removable/external hard drive: You can easily take it out of your car, plug it into your main PC in your house, and quickly transfer your larger files. Wifi is good, but slower than USB 2.0 and firewire.

    With you storing a lot of data (videos, etc.), you may find yourself beating yourself up in a few months if it fills up. General rule of thumb, for me, is to purchase the largest drive that fits into my budget.

    To address your final question, I have never run into issues with connections vibrating out, but most all I use have a latch or detent in them to elliminate it. If yours do not, may I suggest zip ties to help secure them. As for skipping, I have only noticed it on CD playback, never on MP3 (Unless it was a poor encode, but that is unrelated to vibration and is IN the actual MP3).

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    your 250gb is external?? if so, how are you powering it?

    i found this and think i can just use it

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