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Thread: newb Intall questions and SOUND

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    newb Intall questions and SOUND

    Ok Few things apparently im building a Carputer. I have the parts every thing but the LCD screen AND the (PSU) power supply. im really good with computers and making custom cases etc. I own a 95 eclipse Gsx but ive never installed a carputer. i was wondering if i could get a step by step on how to wire from the computer to LCD is it a matter of just hooking VGA cable to LCD. it ill prob buy touch screen monitor. ALso how do u guys wire the sound to ur door speakers i have Factory * speaker premium sound sytem Infinti with factory amp. i will be removing the the double dim deck that will hold the LCD perfect. Hope u can answer my questions

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    For the LCD screen... My screen has a very specific cable, which splits into 2 video calbes (yellow plugs, you know), and one VGA cable, and one USB cable for the touch screen. So wiring up is really easy...

    For the sound, there are hundreds of setups...
    * You can use the aux in from your car radio
    * If you have an amplifier, you can just connect the soundcard to the amp
    * You could use an FM modulator (or how do you call that thingy), and switch your car radio to the correct frequency
    * ...

    Hope this helps...

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    wut kind of touch screen u have brand and model how much u pay and did it come with VGA

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    Search for Lilliput + Touch on ebay...they're about $250. I just installed one in my car - great value for money!

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