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Thread: 2002 1.8T Jetta Carputer NEWBIE!!

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    Smile 2002 1.8T Jetta Carputer NEWBIE!!

    Hello guys! I am very new t othis whole scene... I am in the process of building a carputer in my 2002 Jetta... I have everything done, I just need to tweak my software. I am using MediaCar. I have three questions that I simply cannot find the answers to...

    1st: I need to know step by step in detail how to change a skin... Anything i do doesn't seem to work...

    2nd: I need to know how to add pictures for the movies files in the divx category. ( i.e. if you click on the movie "fast and furious", how do you make it so that you can see the cover of the movie to the left?

    Lastly: I need to know how to change the settings so that when you click on the "mp3" button it doesn't automatically playing music. Or if you press the "divx" button, it automatically doesn't play a movie.

    Thanks in advance guys...

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    I'm a newbie too, not even built a system, BUT I have MediaCar installed on my laptop, sop I know a little bit.

    1. To have the skin changed, find the skin files and put all of them in a separate directory below C:Program Files\MediaCar\SKINS - then you will be able to choose this from the Skin menu (see how the DEAFULT skin is in the above mentioned directory.

    If you have downloaded som skins in zip-files, the problem is usually that unzipping them to the new directory below the C:\Program Files\MediaCar\SKINS directory, creates subdirectories below this directory again - for instance the Alpine Blue skin files created this structure for me:

    C:Program Files\MediaCar\SKINS\AlpineBlue\Alpine(Blue)

    where I had made the "AlpineBlue" directory myself. So unzipping it directly to the SKINS directory would have done the whole thing automatically!

    2. If you want to see the cover of the movie to the left, put a JPG file with the picture directly in the directory of the movie (maybe you have to have each movie in a separate directory or how would the application know which one to choose if not?

    Your last question is a good one - I thought you could set this up when you run MediaCar for the first time when the Setting window appear, but how do you invike this later???

    Good luck!

    Plans + status:
    + Ford Galaxy 2001
    + 7" GAIN (Xenarc) screen
    + 2,5" 40 GB Samsung drive
    + slot-load DVD/CDRW
    + USB WiFi
    - mainboard (Epia SP?)
    - housing (home made?)
    - power supply (Opus 90W/150W)
    - USB GPS + USB card-reader

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    thanks man but i did exactly what you told me to do for the skins, and it still gives me an error message.... like a bunch...

    and as for the jpg for the movie... what do you mean put the picture in the same directory?

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    oh and another thing... in the divx player, in the list area... there are two boxes to the left of where the movies are listed. I know on the top box the pic for the movie goes there.... but how bout the bottom?

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