I need advice on how I should go about doing this and if you guys can think of more products that I need.
I have an 03 altima and I am not allowed to drill into or modify it. My dad won't let me.
I have a Pentium 3 compaq laptop lying around. The screen is detached and therefore I cannot use it as a monitor. If I use the docking station, I can power up the laptop and it works perfectly fine on an external monitor. Initially I was going to use the laptop monitor as the screen but I am thinking of getting the lilliput now after reading the forums.
The computer currently has a wifi card, cdrw/dvd, 40 gigs, 512 ram, xp.
Since I cannot modify the car, I was going to use the radio frequency thing to send sound to my speakers.
touchscreen, wireless keyboard, touchpad?
Under passenger seat.
How can I mount the monitor? how bulky is it and are there stands for it that look nice?
How well does the radio frequency thing work (quality)?
I don't know anyhting about GPS, does it cost a montly fee and if so, how much?
Can I extend the laptop keyboard and touchpad and if so how?

How much do you guys estimate the cost to be? (the parts I have come up with so far that I need to buy are - monitor 250?, radio frequency thing 30?, wiring 30?, somehting to convert cig lighter to AC power 30?, hopefully I can extend the touchpad and keyboard, since I won't be needing them much I don't care how they look)

Thanks guys,

(before ppl start bashing me for not searching hte forums, i did try and that is where I got my preliminary info. But I can't find help on these questions. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again. )