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Thread: Weird 04' Acura TL Alpine OEM Nav video feed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hd54321
    I think they have pin outs as well.
    Here, eggroll, this might help you:

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    Quote Originally Posted by EggrollXpress61 View Post
    Hey guys I took apart my 04 acura TL this week. apparently my nav computer is in my trunk and it actually sends the video feed to the 8" monitor in the front! Now my question for yall is any idea on how to tap into that video feed? ...
    If you figure this out, PLEASE post a solution. It's a digital TFT-specific LCD display, I believe made by Panasonic. The signals are R, G, B and Sync. But it is a specific digital protocol. I made an adapter board to convert the digital RGB to VGA, however, I failed. There used to be something out on the market -- keep searching. And I will post here, also, if I find one.

    If you do find clean, non-self-hack solution, it's a golden bullet, because it's the same interface basically used on all recent Honda/Acura products.

    If there are any hardware whizes on here, if you pull out the screen (fairly easy) you can find the part and model no. It's a pretty oddball part, rarely available on the open market. But the datasheet and the protocol are out there. So if you can manage to convert that and make a switcher, you've got a solution for a huge slice of the market. I'd be willing to pay you $500 - $700 just for the first one.

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