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Thread: 2k2 Acura TL with navi

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    2k2 Acura TL with navi

    I'm just starting out guys. My 3.2 TL has a 5 - 6 inch touch screen on which the GPS and Air conditioning information is displayed. I was wondering if the screen could be used for a carputer. any Ideas?

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    Hello and welcome,

    Please use

    This may help:
    Weird 04' Acura TL Alpine OEM Nav video feed?
    Acura TL owners - LCD help

    Happy reading
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    if you go to the acura-cl or acura-tl forums you can read up on an AVelectronics box that will allow you to connect a video source to your stock navi.

    it doesn't take VGA but maybe you can find a way to modify it.

    good luck~!
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