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Thread: Howdy all

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    Talking Howdy all

    Just wanted to introduce myself and say hey. I have a 02 neon R/T from canada.

    I've had the idea to put a computer in my car for awhile and thought that no one had done it before, then I found this site, and I stayed up ALL night last night reading it lol.

    anyway my original plan was to get an old laptop with a DVD-ROM and just have the LCD in the dash somewhere. but after comparing it to a fully built PC its not very "efficiant" and its a pain finding a place to put a 15" LCD :P

    My goal is to have a fairly big HDD, able to play MP3/DVD through my factory (for now) deck, and JL amp/subs. also like the idea of GPS and OB, so ill have to look into that.

    what would I need to have a aux input on a factory deck? It has a factory CD changer which i will be taking out, would that line work?


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    Welcome don't know much about dodge, but I'm sure someone will help you out.

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    You should be able to use the cd input on that deck although you'll have to find the right connector for it

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