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Thread: Will a 7" Lilli fit in a double-DIN well?

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    Will a 7" Lilli fit in a double-DIN well?

    I've got a 96 camry and I want to make a 7"x7"x4" computer box to fit in the mounting bracket already there and cover the opening with a 7" Lilli. Is that the typical setup? I've been searching around and doing research but only finding photos of the screens and none of the guts. Will the above work?

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    do a search..please. (Especially in the LCD section) The lilliput will not fit w/o some modification. The width is perfect, however with the lower buttons, the height is off. I will have pictures up today of my modification, I simply cut the dash and squeezed it in (in a 99 Accord). Most people here end up opening up the screen instead and relocating the button. I, on the otherhand liked the buttons and did not want to void my warranty. Good luck...and again do a search, most people much more upset when questions have been answered hundreds of times. (And buy the lilli from the store, trust me)

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