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Thread: My planned setup

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    Post My planned setup

    After I spent some reading on the forum here I kinda have an idea of my first setup. Suggestions as always welcome. Planned use is for DVD viewing, MP3, Navigation, and radio listening.

    VIA MII10000
    Travla C137
    Opus 150W
    Toshiba notebook 2.5inch HD (9mm) 40Gb
    VIA PCI 1 -> 2 card extension
    Some soundblaster card
    Some TV/Radio tuner card
    Some slim DVD/CD-RW combo drive
    Some GPS mouse with RDS/TMC
    256MB memory
    Lilliput (in dash)

    Questions I still have:
    - Will all this fit the Travla (opus, hd, dvd, 2 PCI, memory, mobo) ?
    - The C137 has a 120W PSU, can I use it with the Carnetix iso replacing it with the OPUS? Could save me some money.
    - Do I need low profile memory? Which type? And is 256 enough?

    Any good place to buy these from Belgium?
    I found the mobo at "pchut" for 194+10euro, think i'll buy it there. As for the other stuff I was thinking about myelectronics. Any experience with those guys or other shops?

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    Bought my first component today a carnetix psu with some cables

    Next week I'll buy a Morex 3688 with a VIA Epia MII-10000, 512MB mem, a Toshiba MK4019GAX 2.5" 40GB IDE (5400 RPM, 16MB Cache), Sony CRX830E DVD/CDRW (8x/24w24rw24r) A lilliput 7" is also in the pipeline...

    Next thing will be software. I was thinking of just putting some launcher app together which just starts up some commercial apps (Winamp, Mapsonic, ....)
    I was also looking a ObjectDesktopX from stardock. Seems like you can create kiosk styles very easy and you can whip up some mp3 objects and stuff.
    Anybody else look at this also and/or tried it?


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