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Thread: input advice?

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    input advice?

    I have my display and winamp controls installed, and I am copying music over to my pc (almost done with PC). So, my question is, What kind of inputs do you suggest as far as Keyboard and Mouse go. I want the keyboard and mouse to be hidden, but I could do with a USB quick connect touchpad if totaly nessasary. I am going to use my pc primarily for mp3s right now, but I would like passengers to be able to fully use the pc on trips. I was looking at getting a roll up keyboard, and dropping a port in the glove box while haveing a tray for the keyboard to lay while the box is open.
    I thought I would ask the pro's first, though.

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    i still keep a key board in my trunk but i use a touch screen. easier to use yourself when you are driving.

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    I have a touchscreen, and I find it unwieldy and unsafe to use while driving. So, to switch songs and fast forward and backwards, I use a Contour Shuttle Express. It's great.

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    How often do you guys use your keyboards? I just use the keyboard built into XP if I need it, which is rare, and then disable the stop on keyboard error in the bios, so that there is no physical keyboard in my car. Then if I ever really need one I can just plug on into the usb port

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