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Thread: CarPuter & Bass Question

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    CarPuter & Bass Question

    I am tempted (ok itching) to install an MP3 system in my GMC Jimmy. The problem I forsee is with the current system I have in the vehicle. (and place to mount it) :P
    I am able to skip CDs with a solidly mounted Sony CD Player right now, using 2 old school MTX Blue Thunder subs and a Pioneer amp. (attempted foam cushion on the head unit as well, helped a little - also another Pioneer head unit attempted before this one) Am I just asking for crashed hard drives to attempt a CarPuter for MP3s?
    I'm considering using standard HDs instead of laptop drives... is this a bad idea?
    Any input on mounting / installation to avoid this appreciated!
    I didn't see any real answer related to full-size drives in my search - just some odd problems, even with the 2.5 or 3.5" drives.
    I have excess standard equipment, and like the availability of PC equipment rather than laptop (proprietary) should something go wrong.

    -Side note: as a test I'll use an inverter to make sure things are going to work before building the production system for the vehicle.
    If all goes well - I may just use an inverter on a standard PC - Ghetto is my friend. =D

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    Definitely use a laptop drive. There are a lot of reasons relating to power consumption, voltage, shock tolerance, and heat.
    • Laptop hard drives use a LOT less power
    • Most laptop drives use 5V, not 12. You'll save money on the PSU.
    • Laptop drives are generally rated for >100 G's of operating shock
    • Laptop drives run cooler and have better heat dissipation

    Note that laptop drives are rated for operation in conditions that head units just aren't. It shouldn't be a problem.

    Whatever you mount, you can do it anti-shock anyway. If you're worried about constant vibrations or disturbing shocks, you should try to get a fanless motherboard so you don't have to worry about fans dying. For the Hard Drive, I'd get a 2.5" -> 3.5" adapter or drive rails and use a few layers of double-adhesive weather stripping or somesuch to mount the rails to your enclosure. That should help minimize the vibration coming from the speakers.

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    I had a CarPC which was in a BookPC case for a couple years now (since 2000). It had full desktop harddrives in it. I never had any problems with the unit crashing and this is over cobblestone roadways in Baltimore, MD with 2 12inch Rockfords blasting right next to it.

    That being said if you only have those to use and are on a budget go ahead and do it, but as jyopp said it would be better to use the laptop drive based on the shock rating...hey you never know!


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    I'm using a laptop drive as the main hdd for the computer, and a 3.5" hdd as my media storage. It's in a plastice firewire enclosure just sitting under my seat (horizontally), and I haven't had any problems yet. I think if you have a cushion under it (just glue some thick carpet to the bottom), it'll be fine.
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    If space isn't a issue a 3.5" is pefectly fine. I've dropped drives that still work. In fact I totalled a car with a carputer running (3.5" HDD) almost three years ago and it still works today!

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    I am able to skip CDs with a solidly mounted Sony CD Player right now
    Duh, Its a Sony!!

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