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Thread: operation Systems

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    operation Systems

    Well, I'm new in this forum and i've built in pcs in many things - but never into a car. so i have to start now

    the first thing i noticed on most pictures, was that nearly everyone uses windows and i just can't understand why...

    is win the best solution for carputers or did just nobody try something else?
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    Getting drivers for other OS is the main concern.

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    Software, there are more options (especially for GPS) using Windows.
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    basically as far as i can see people are not largely familiar with linux, unix etc,etc.... so windows is the easiest and best solution plus as other ppl say it is just simply easier than linux to get into i know of a m8 of mine that now has a winXP disk that he has customised so it will install XP to his own pre-determined specifications without user input ( ie: he literally boots his PC with the disk in the CD rom drive, 2 HRS later his PC has a fully running version of XP to his own spec RUNNING WITHOUT IE, WMP, and with winamp and opera)
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