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Thread: DVD playback problem!

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    DVD playback problem!

    Im having some serious difficulties playing DVD movies on my new system.

    I have tryied with frodoplayer and PowerDVD.

    Both give me the same "lagging" effect. I hope you understand what i meen.
    (feels like the computer is to slow and the movie doesnt flow)

    The system:

    Epia M10000
    512mb RAM
    40gig Hitachi 2,5" 5400RPM
    Sony CDRW/DVD combo

    I have tryied with both DMA enbled and disabled on the DVD player.

    It would be very helpfull with any tips on what the problem might be.

    Thanks, Kalle

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    I've spent the last hour trying to search the forum for an answer on this. Just can't find anything. I think its just some basic problem but it freaks me out when I can't find a solution. If anyone nows why my DVD movies wont play smoothly please give me some hunch on what could be wrong!

    Thx in advance, Kalle

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    try VLC ( not sure if it does dvds well but it is CERTAINLY good with otehr stuff)

    just look up VLC on google ( it stands for video lan client)
    and u want the player
    amd k6-2 450
    64 meg ram
    5 gig hdd
    all in an old bit of metal
    all for under £20

    and now a 500watt inverter for £20
    thats £40 in total
    not too bad for a noob

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