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Thread: Carputering when car engine is off + survive crank

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    Carputering when car engine is off + survive crank

    is it possible? how long on the Epia M10000 ..? 5 hours or 20 minutes..? Opus??


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    Depends on your system and whether or not you're running your stereo.

    I don't have the Epia, but I can get like 3-4 hours (?) running the comp, 15" monitor, 1 or 2 7" touchscreens, and stereo off my spare Optima, but I don't have to worry about cranking, since I have two batteries (soon to be 3). I think I get about 1.5-2 hours with the subs and the rear 6x9s turned on.

    You could probably get at least an hour off a regular battery if you're not using the stereo.
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    I can run the p200MMX a 14" LCD for hours in the Suburban and survive crank.
    The same set up does not survive crank at all in the Toyota truck.
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    Im running an EPIA M10000, 7" lilliput, 600W amp (speakers), 180W amp (subs), equaliser, no head unit. Before I put in my second battery, I used to get around 30m - 1hr (MAX) with everything on. I would get around 45M to 1hr (MAX) with everything but my subs on. The huge gap in time is dependant on what the computer is doing (eg. playing movie or idling etc...). Also have to take into consideration the carputer is powering up a USB hub, wireless usb network card, usb GPS receiver. The times mentioned are till the battery is completely flat. Then you will start to have problems with the battery not holding charge because normal car batteries arent made for this type of use.
    I bought a 2nd lead-acid (sealed) battery rated at 18 amp hours for 20 hours but realisticly I get around 1 - 2 hours before that dies, but the beauty of that is my normal battery doesnt drain at all unless I got my car on reds, so I have the choice of either adding my main car battery to the circuit and keeping the PC alive or starting up my car and letting the batteries charge.

    If your considering running an M10000 and you have an extra $300 (AU) or so, get an Optima instead and save yourself the trouble, but if you are a little short on cash (like myself) you can do what I did for around $50 (AU) including the relay switch.

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