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Thread: it works!

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    it works!

    I just soldered the last wire and tested it, it all works! Do a search under posts started by turbochris and it's all there. Not one wire or chip let their smoke out. Now I just need a carpet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turbochris
    Now I just need a carpet.

    How about a fluffy nodding dog

    Oh and link man link. do you really think we want to trawl through all the threads you have started

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    heh heh heh.... yeah, some links would be the polite thing to do.

    console subframe
    control panel

    To all who helped me- I owe ya!

    To all who said it wouldn't work- nya nya nya nya

    Here's a shot of Datamaster monitoring my engine. Now I just have to make a nice bezel for the LCD, clean up some wires and put the interior back in. I'm going for more of a technical race ready look as opposed to a factory built in look. Check out the laptop CD-RW. I covered the case with some black tape and mounted it under the AC vents.

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    I've had my car on the road for about a month so far and eveything works great. I was a little worried about the tank circuit and relay but it's working real nice so far. I ripped it apart to add a wifi card, I'm akso ripping out the usless isa fm tuner card and I'll replace it with my ICOM PCR100. I'm also going to get rid of win 2K and replace it with XP that's been trimmed down with nlite.

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