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Thread: Hi info/help needed

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    Hi info/help needed

    Hi all im new so sorry if this is in the wrong place!
    Ihave been trauling the net for advice or help, I have a seat leon and im hoping to get a custom set up done, im after:

    Touch screen Tv (think the Lilliput ones for me)
    DVD capable
    Sat Nav
    Rear view camera

    And if possible i would like to have my Radio/CD player built in, if not ill work the system in!

    Can anyone supply or tell me exactly what i need to do this as i want this to be a pukka instal but im looking to keep the money under a Grand, becuase if it isnt i might just get a kenwood all in one unit or somet

    Thanks for your time on this


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    Let me be the first to tell you.

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    Thats has to be the most anoying thing on this forum.

    Well The display can be bought from the classified section on this forum or mp3car's store as for the computer I like the micro atx or flex atx motherboards,
    but thats my opinion and the reason is thay are more up to upgrade than the mini itx ,and more powerfull but are harder to hook up and take up more space. But if space is an issue than the mini itx is the way to go ,I seen cases so small that thay fit in a DIN slot. And do a lot of reading of the pros and cons of peoples setups so you can get a feel for what you want in car.realy not something you want to rush in to. Just my opinion!! Have fun and good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACHIEVER
    Let me be the first to tell you.

    Ouch! Newbie being shut up by another noob.
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    I hate "try a search" I HAVE and dont understand what i would need!! as im not offay with in car computers and wonder if anyone could lend me some USEFULL ADVICE!
    Do people get thrills from saying you need to search or are the just trying to get there post rate up to make them selfs look better?? if you dont know anything SHUT UP! having a really bad day and replys like that dont help!

    Thank you very much CHUPACABRA, you info was helpfull i no what to look into now. Why are there not more helpfull people around like this, after all thats what the link asks for!

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    Yeah your rite that is annoying when people say that but then id have to agree that is the best way to get info on here so much has been covered there is so much information here you'll find everything you need, just do a search and hundereeds of links will come up, what a lot of people see here is constant newbie after newbie all askin "HI IM A NEWBIE BUILD ME A SYSTEM" wre all in the same boat that constant passion to impreove or redesign what we already know or have built good luck dude
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    Cupra_R_225, I like the micro atx's also. Like CHUPACABRA says you have more options and power. I'm using one now and I just love it. Was using a mini but like this one better.

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    check out the "show off your project" section there is an awesome SEAT in there, this is the best way to get an idea, read of other peoples trials and tribulations and learn from them and another rule dont skimp on the the power supply !
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