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Thread: How do i connect carputer audio to my Stock system minus stock HU?

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    I was going to go without a HU, but 2 weeks without a radio changed my mind. Having a radio you can turn on and get music regardless of the state of your carputer (mine is down right now, and will be for some time) is nice. You could remote the faceplate of the HU and mount it almost anywhere it will fit. I have mine sitting sideways under the car-puter in the dash and the faceplate is mounted where it fit on the center console. I have seen some cool installs where the faceplate was mounted in the visor as well.

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    Supermike, so you mean having the faceplate seperated from the headunit its self? if so that is a very good idea! One I might persue in my own carputer project.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GWRedDragon
    It seems to me that cables are important from the soundcard, too. I wouldn't suggest running any more than a little 3 foot RCA-Miniplug adapter between the soundcard and the amp.
    You need a good quality lead.
    Use a multimeter to check the resistance on the length of the sheilding - it should be as close to 0 as possible. The first (good quality, short) lead I used had a high resistance for some reason and I ended up using a 10 metre lead with close to 0 resistance. However the first, short lead was pretty cr*p!
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    Super Mike,,

    how do you wire up the faceplate seperate from the HU? That sounds like a very cool idea.

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