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Thread: Fuse Question

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    Fuse Question

    I went to Best Buy and purchased a wiring kit. It looks good, but from the battery it has an 8 guage wire with an AGU 40 AMP inline fuse gizmo. I thought that I had to use a 15 AMP fuse dooflinky. Will my 40 AMP with the 8 guage work? Or will it cause damage to my 150 Watt opus power supply?

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    It won't damage the power supply if you use a higher rated fuse, but if there are problems it's likely that the fuse won't pop, and you could damage the power supply.

    Just one thing to bear in mind, make sure both ends of the power cable are fused. So if the 8 guage cable runs from the battery to the rear, then there should be a fuse near the battery end and another fuse near the power supply.

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    So what you are saying is I can leave the one that is 40 AMP by the battery, and Run my wire to the Opus and then use my 15 AMP inline before I connect it to my opus. Also, I thought that I want to be as close to the battery as possible with my fuse. This one is already assembled and is about a foot and a half away from the terminal. Furthermore, How close to the end of the 8 guage wire do I put my other fuse?

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