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Thread: Window XP , bypass user account select screen

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    Window XP , bypass user account select screen

    I am using Window xp. Is there a way to bypass the User Account Select screen ? Everytime when I restart my computer, it goes straight to the desktop, but evertime I come back from a hibernation, i would have to go through the User Account Select screen and select my account to continue.

    In my system there's only one "Admin" account which is mine, and "Guest" account is set to "OFF"

    Is there a way to bypass the screen so that everytime when I come back from a hibernation I don't have to go through it ?


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    did you check in the users section in the control panel.. if you instal like .net it installs some user you have to delete in order to boot right in
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    Make sure it's not set to check for passwords after screensaver...
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    Try under power options in the control panel, in advanced theres an option something like "prompt for password when my computer resumes", i believe the above option only applies to the screensaver
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    Go to yor control panel and select users there should be options there to set up what you want
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    If you deselect 'Use Welcome Screen' under Control Panel > Users > How Users Login, you will be greeted with a WinNT type login box. Also do like what was decribed above with your screensaver and when resuming.

    Get TweakUI from Mircosoft <HERE>. It also got some useful stuff that MS should have put in their release but for some reason or another did not.

    In the Logon section, you can show what users are shown on the Welcome Screen. For your purposes, choose Autologon and you can set the user that you want to automatically logon with.

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    Thanks SO MUCH eeveryone !

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    If you still encounter the login screen and have recently installed the .NET 1.1 framework, you may need to try this:

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