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Thread: how to take apart dash of e46 bmw

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    how to take apart dash of e46 bmw

    I'm a n00b to this and I'm interested in makin a car pc out of an itx board, have a sat nav reciever n dvd drive etc.

    Now just a few questions. I have an 04 BMW so ideally i want to rip as little of it apart as possible, after reading about for ideas I found that I can get all the states from the car as if I had the screen that comes with the car. Now how easy is it to get to the one behind the dash and to locate the conector i need, n also how do i go about getting behind the dash without recking it n scratching it to pieces.

    the second thing is what is the easiest way to get the sound from the pc to the speakers in the car?

    Also if i connect to the i-bus what is the chance of it working with the e-90 (new 3 series) when its out as I'll be getting one of them

    Thanks for any help

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    go to FORUMS and do a search.
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    thanks I'll have a look.

    can anyone help on the other things? Or any idvice from people who have done this

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    As far as im aware as long as its got the OBDII then you can connect to it, any BM after 96 has this. so it should go into your e90.


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