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Thread: E46 BMW guys, any thoughts?

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    Hmm..thanks for the info, I'll let you know if I find out anything different on this topic. Which aux pack did you use? I will probably get mine from Blitzsafe.

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    I'm in the startup phase om my installation.

    BMW 318 E46 99' with standard business rds cd, so no dsp or fancy stuff.

    Parts lists:

    Xenarc/Gain 7" TS - Bought
    USB GPS - Bought
    RS232 IBUS Interface - Bought
    VIA Epia MII 10000 Nehemiah - Ordered
    Opus DC-DC 150W ATX - Ordered
    GAS (Swedish make) 4ch AMP - Buying from a friend

    My plan is to ditch the HU, move the AC controls down to the sunglass-compartment and install the screen in the 2-din space.

    As for the sound I intend to connect the epia bord directly to the AMP (any software solutions for fader/balance?)

    I'm going to use the stock speakers in phase 1 but I plan to change them later on since they are crap
    BMW 325i -01

    Computer hardware:
    VIA Epia MII 10000 Nehemiah 256MB/160GB
    Casetronic Travla C158
    Gain 7" TS
    Opus DC-DC 150W

    Software: Frodoplayer and Mapmonkey

    Sound system: Front kit: DLS UP6, Rear: DLS 425 Powered by DLS RA40

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeddyT
    From everything that I've read and from the people at installers that I've talked to, if you ditch the HU, you're ditching the amp and usually the speakers as well (because at that point why wouldn't you?). The reason being is that BMW uses "twisted pair" wiring between the HU and amp which allows a lot of noise in and the electronics in the amp cancel out that noise and distribute clean signals to the speakers (anyone can feel free to correct me if this is wrong). So there's no way to get a signal from any aftermarket HU or from the computer's sound card into the factory amp.
    Buying a new amp isn't necessarily a bad thing, though, because it would certainly sound better than the one that's in there. But you'd have to build your own crossover network as well. And with the amp and the time and everything... I'd just rather keep what's there.
    This is not correct. You can certainly use an aftermarket HU with the factory amp. You simply need an interface between the new HU and the factory amplifier. Many many people have done this. I would go to and check out the mobile electronics forum there and do a lot of searching. I can't give you any specifics myself because I opted to use an aftermarket amplifier.

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    Me too

    I have an E46 also a 01 330cic and am beginning to plan a carpc. My goal is to have something similar to what Rich has. I first saw his car on E46fantics. edrock200 you said you found a bracket is it similar to what Rich is making does it go where the HU is? How much was it? I'm thinking I'll go with a Lilliputt LCD in the dash replacing the HU move to ac controls to the sunglass holder and run a EPIA MK11 10k in the trunk. To start I just want audio and eventually I'll add nav DVD etc. Does mediacar support AAC/MP4? I've already ripped my collection to AAC for my Ipod it would be a bummer to have to do it again to mp3. This forum is great and I can't wait to get started.

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    Okay guys and gals, I finally started working on my project. Didn't want to post anything until I had some good pics of actual progress occurring. Well I've got a pretty cool carbon fiber LCD bezel cooking right now, so thought I would finally post something. My project post is in my sig.
    This goes for the guys, too. Because sometimes the guys are tapped out. But check your lease, Man, 'cause you’re living in F*bleep* City!

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    b4 anything....may anybody tell me the e46 coupé started witch year?

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