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    I'm completly new at the carpc scene...I'm very good with computers but the car stuff gives me some thing I don't realy of them is POWER. I realy wanna know EVERYTHING about the Carpc stuff...but I will start with the power stuff...I wanna know EVERYTHING about it...

    things like:

    -Why OPUS?
    -OPUS 90 contra 150?
    -ATX PFC?
    -Directly connect to battery or put something between it to protect the battery?
    -What is ITPS and what is it good for and when do I use it?
    -PW70a ???
    -connect Lilly to powersuply for brighter and safe?
    -more more more....

    I know this is gonna be a very long topic...and maybe I can find all my answers in the forum but sometimes it is hard for a newbie (including me) to figure everything out...espacially when everything is all over the place. I guess this is something that should be in the NEWBIE section...all about power in one topic...maybe as a 'sticky'...?

    I hope I get to know as mutch as possible about it and after this I go to another object.


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    ThaBoy... I think you know what I am about to say...
    Start here this is the Power supplies thread in the main forums section. It would get really repetitive and frustrating to have to re-answer the same questions over and over again! - Start off by reading the existing posts... there is a TON of info about power, Opus vs ITPS vs Inverter, etc... If you cannot find and answer to a question after a legit go at it, post a question and many will come to help. But always try to start with a first! Sounds fair?
    Welcome to the board!

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