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Thread: Music Video's?

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    Music Video's?

    I just got done installing my desktop and puttin in a 7" touch screen but at car shows i see many guys playing music video's? does anyone do this and do you just download tons of music videos or do you have a source to buy or download a cd/dvd? thanks chris

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    I'm Sure..

    I'm sure lots of people simply have an htpc(or similar) hooked up to their TV. You can just then record them, rip to your favorite format, and transfer to your Automotive PC.

    Not sure of the legality, so you might want to look that up if it is a concern for you.
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    I tend to have music videos playing on my system more often than just listening to music when I'm driving around town.

    Most of the videos I have are either ripped from DVDs I own or videos that can be downloaded from the 'usual places'.
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    As far as recording from TV, as long as you don't sell it, you should be fine.

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