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Thread: Are my cable connections correct?

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    Are my cable connections correct?

    Carputer will be in the trunk

    System Specs:
    PIII 500
    20 GB Hard Drive
    Creative Labs Audigy 2 OEM
    500 Megs Ram
    Lilliput Screen
    Nvidia Ti4200 Vid Card
    DVD/CDR not purchased yet
    BU-303 GPS Mouse
    Opus 220 not out yet
    HU in dash Blaupunkt Monte Carlo CD34 with Aux In

    Is this cable run right?

    To Active hub USB DVD/CD in glove box
    To Active hub - USB keyboard + mouse maybe in glove box
    To Active hub -GPS mouse under dash

    Separate run to trunk - Mic for Voice stuff to sound card
    Separate run to Battery Opus 220
    Separate run VGA to trunk - Lilliput Screen in dash
    Separate USB run to trunk -USB Hard Drive IDE to USB converter (3.5 drive in enclosure) in glove box
    Sound - thanks for the sound card to Aux-in sticky

    Trunk to Glove box - to Hard Drive and DVD one run with Y splitter back to Opus?

    Option not sure how
    Power/standby/resume button - cables to run up to dash (if possible) - no idea how to do this but would be a good emergency and convenience feature.

    I have read that the hard drive should have its own seprate USB run.

    I know that I have 5 metres to play with and could use a USB hub to extend. 5+ meters have to use an active hub, so we are talking power supply. Now where do I plug that into?

    I would like to use the least amount of power and USB cables running back and forth.

    My head hurts after writing this...

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    you might as well include your system specs for the guys that would give the correct answer. Remember you can never provide too much information, well in the forums at least!
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