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Thread: Power draw of a system

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    Power draw of a system


    I'm finished planing my carputer, and are stertet to buying my components. My plan was to go with the Epia M10000N,but now i've bon offered an Intel M 2.2GHz CPU (12x100) witch uses 35watt and can run in a normal P4 board, For only 100$, that's about half the price of an epia board

    So my question is, can I run these parts on a 90watt opus.

    Intel M 2.2GHz (35watt)
    ASUS P4P800-MX, Intel 865GV chipset and Intel extreme 2 graphic
    40GB 2.5" laptop drive 5400rpm/8192KB Cache
    Panasonic CW-8123-B Slot Loading DVD/CD-RW drive
    2 x 256MB PC2700/PC3200 DDR memory
    Creative Audigy2 NX Soundcard
    Some kind of GPS Mouse
    And a Xenarc 700TS screen

    Think that's about it

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    Is that a full sized ATX board ?

    If so then you are looking at 25w for the board alone, so probably not. Also does the 90wOpus have the P4 connector, because you will probably still need it.

    Have a look here -

    And then buy a 150w Opus.

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    No It's a MicroATX board.

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